About Us

Incorporated in 2013, FRAD COFFEE SDN BHD was set up by passionate team of people from Penang to serve the market at northern region of Malaysia. With a humble beginning, we started with retail operation selling coffee, tea and afternoon snacks inside Megamall Penang and AEON Mall to get an first hand experience of what are really needed by the industry. In 2015, the company has transformed to café supplies with our trade mark FRAD COFFEE.

The name FRAD was given in the acronym of Freshly Roasted And Delivered. We emphasize on the freshness of our coffee as it is the ultimate criteria to enjoy a good cup of coffee. It takes great commitment on our stock level and delivery lead time to meet the customers need. We feel utmost satisfaction when our customers serve their patronages with fresh coffee.

Apart from supplying freshly roasted coffee beans, we also supply complementary products needed by café, bars and restaurants such as coffee machine, grinder, barista tools, SodaXpress, Shott syrups, cocoa powder, Hotaru Matcha, etc.

In every business, human resource plays an important role. Likewise, we believe a great barista can add value to the industries. We train a large numbers of young professional barista to acquire vital skills required for daily operation. We value our staff and your staff too.

With an engineering background, the company founder accentuate on importance on keeping coffee machine and grinder on tip top conditions. Espresso machine is considered as the heart of the bar counter in a café environment. A well maintained machine goes a long way. We provide maintenance and service for equipment with our qualified technicians.